Ответы на контрольную по английскому 8 класс

Ответы на контрольную по английскому 8 класс

Предлагаю Ответы на контрольную по английскому 8 класс

  1. Заполните пропуски, поставив глаголы в правильной форме, используя Present, Past , Future Simple:

Many years ago different natural disasters 1)_happened__________(happen) on our planet. People 2)__suffered_____(suffer) from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts and volcano eruptions which 3)_destroyed______(destroy) cities, 4)__carried _______(carry) away houses and even farm animals. People 5)__lost_______(lose) their homes. Many of them 6)__died_____(die) during terrible earthquakes and hurricanes.

Nowadays scientists 7 )___try____(try) to predict these catastrophes. Emergency workers together with the police and the army 8) _help_______(help) people in difficult situations.

Hopefully in the future researchers 9)_will learn______(learn) more about nature and 10)__will invent______(invent) new machines and devices which 11)__will help________(help) to predict all possible dangers.  People 12)__will have_____(have) a better chance to protect  themselves.

  1. Вставьте слова вместо пропусков

abuse,  threat, threaten, blackmail, steal, pick on,  bully, defend

  1. If my younger sister were…bullied .I would… defend her.
  2. Don’t  threaten… me, I’m not afraid of you.
  3. Did he pick on…you again?
  4. It is very bad to  steal…. other people’s money or things.
  5. abuse… is unkind, cruel or rude words or actions.
  6. blackmail… is practice of getting something by threatening.

Ответы на контрольную по английскому 8 класс

8th form

Progress Check – 1
V – 1
I. Find the word with the same or similar meaning.
Example: research – c)
a) an experiment b) an achievement c) an exploration
1) humid
a) misty b) cool c) wet
2) icy
a) frosty b) snowy c) nasty
3) spaceship
a) space travel b) starship c) space flight
4) violent
a) weak b) strong c) terrible
5) storm
a) wind b) hurricane c) rain

II. Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

Example: I’m sure that one day the scientists will … most of medical problems.
a) take b) solve c) explore
I’m sure that one day the scientists will solve most of medical problems.
1. By exploring space we may find another … we can live on.
a) distance b) planet c) star
2. Natural disasters … cities and towns, they injure and kill people and animals.
a) break b) damage c) destroy
3. But people hope they will travel through … in huge spaceships far from the Earth.
a) space b) galaxies c) satellites
4. Scientists can now predict most weather … and warn people of possible danger in advance.
a) problems b) damage c) disasters
5. … is a sudden shaking of the ground.
a) earthquake b) flood c) drought
6. There are about 1,000 … in our Galaxy.
a) satellites b) planets c) stars
7. Sometimes the British have weather from each … all in one day.
a) climate b) season c) place
8. We don’t know when men began to dream … travelling in space.
a) of b) about c) from
9. Why are you shaking … laughter? — It’s better to laugh than cry.
a) like b) with c) from
10. I haven’t seen them … last Halloween.
a) since b) for

III. The word in capitals above each of the following sentences can be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space. Fill each blank in this way.

More than 200 people were killed during the disastrous hurricane in 1992.
Thank goodness that our weather isn’t so changeable… .
2. SUN
When we got to Spain, it was very hot and  sunny… .
Neil Armstrong was the first  explorer… on the Moon.
We have already discussed the most important scientific… problems on our planet.
A very violent wind is  typical… of a tornado.
IV. Choose the correct form of the verb.
1. I … him before we met at the concert.
a) didn’t see b) wasn’t seeing c) hadn’t seen
2. When mother came home, the children … the soup.
a) ate b) were eating c) had eaten
3. The telegram … some minutes after he had left.
a) came b) was coming c) had come
4. While we … the road I saw Victor.
a) crossed b) were crossing c) had crossed
5. When … your sister … to London?
a) did … go b) was … going c) had gone

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Вариант № 1 Ответы на контрольную по английскому 8 класс

1.Переведите слова и раскройте скобки

1) I never( встаю) get up early on Sundays. 2) I’m afraid I ( должен уехать) have to leave. 3) I’m glad to tell you we ( возвращаемся завтра)coming back tomorrow. 4) it is( становится темно) getting dark 5) How do you ( добираешься) get to school?

2.Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму. Переведите предложения на русский язык

1) I (know)have known them for all my life 2)How’s Jane’s son? I (not see) haven’t seen him for three years 3) I often (play) played football when I (be) was a boy. I (play) have been playing football often since then. 4) I (travel) have travelled a lot since you last saw me. 5)Look! She (play) is playing with children.

  1. Выберите правильную форму глагола

— Hi, Peter! I haven’t seen you/haven’t been seeing you for ages

— Hi, Linda! It’s great to see you!

— You look tired. What have you been doing/have you done?

— Oh, I have been helping/ have helped my mother in that restaurant round the corner.

— Have you been working/ are you working there?

— Yes, I have had/ have been having the job since summer.

— That’s great. I have to go now. Bye-bye

— Bye .

4.Переведите предложения на английский язык

1)Я делаю эту работу уже 2 часа, но сделала только часть( a part) I have been doing  this work for two hours but I have done just a part. 2) Мы пойдем в театр( the theatre) в субботу —  We are going to the theatre on Saturday.3) шел снег(it snow), когда я вышел — It was snowing when I came out. 4)Сейчас она разговаривает по телефону (speak over the phone) She’s speaking over the phone right now. 5)Мои друзья путешествуют каждое лето           — My friends travel every summer. 6) Студенты ездили в Москву в прошлом году.  — Students went to Moscow last year.


Контрольная работа по теме: «Времена английского глагола»

Вариант № 2

1.Переведите слова и раскройте скобки

1) I (встал ) got up  yesterday early 2)The good news is that he (поправился) got well 3) It is ( становится холодно) getting cold 4) I can’t ( дозвониться get through

 5)I have just ( получила) got a letter from my friend

2.Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму. Переведите предложения на русский язык

1)They (live) have lived in Minsk for 10 years. 2)I (not have) haven’t had any English lessons this month. My teacher (be)has been  ill since February 3) She (work) has worked for this company since 1993. 4)Look! Somebody (come) is coming 5)I (hear) have heard this song lately.

3. Выберите правильную форму глагола

Hi, Linda! I haven’t seen you/haven’t been seeing you for ages

— Hi, Peter! It’s great to see you!

-What have you been doing/ have you done?

— I have been getting ready/ have got ready for my music school exams since July.

— Oh, that’s really important. Do you have a piano?

-Yes, I have been having / have had one all my life. My mother has played it / played it when she was young.

— Well, good luck to you, Linda.  I have to go now. Bye-bye

— Bye .

4.Переведите предложения на английский язык

1) Он играл на скрипке( play the violin) was playing the violin, когда мы вошли в комнату.  2)Эн пишет свою картину  час.  — Ann has been painting this picture for an hour. 3)Ты много ( a lot)работаешь и не думаешь о своем здоровье( health)  — You work a lot  and don’t think about your health 4) Доктор Браун только что звонил (ring up) Doctor Brown has just rung up 5) Мы завтра едем на пикник ( go to a picnic) We are going to a picnic tomorrow. 6)Мы провели(spend) лето в городе. — We spent the summer in the city

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