Special days перевод текста 5 класс

Special days перевод текста 5 классSpecial days перевод текста 5 класс. Special days in Great Britain, the USA and Canada

By Tamsin Norris, Newcastle upon Tyne, England из раздела The RAP Holidays and festivals Forward 7 класс с. 12.

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Birthday Treats перевод

Текст  предназначен для самостоятельного чтения детьми 3-5 классов. Birthday Treats перевод

Birthday Treats переводBritain 

In Britain, we have a party to celebrate our birthdays. Everyone brings a small gift. My mum always makes me a birthday cake. We have a table full of food, crisps, sandwiches, small cakes and chocolate biscuits, ice cream and very small sausages you eat on a stick.

I just love them. We decorate the house with balloons and I play party games with  my friends. It’s fantastic! 

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