spotlight 8 класс

Перевод текстов spotlight in Russia 8 класс Food and shopping

Перевод текстов spotlight in Russia 8 класс Food and shoppingПеревод текстов spotlight in Russia 8 класс Food and shoppingFood & Shopping

What are Russian restaurants like? What sort of food do Russians eat? 
Spotlight on Russia goes behind the scenes in a Russian Restaurant and finds out about Russian cuisine from a top chef.  Читать далее

Перевод текстов spotlight Russia 8 класс

Перевод текстов spotlight Russia 8 классПеревод текстов spotlight Russia 8 класс

When Visiting Someone’s Home

If you are invited to someone’s house for dinner or for a visit, you should remember to take a gift with you. This can be a cake, a box of chocolates or sweets, a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine. If there is a small child in the family, you should also buy him or her a small gift. If you decide to take flowers, give an uneven number. Читать далее

Breaking the Ice перевод текста

Breaking the Ice перевод текстаТекст, аудио и перевод учебника Spotlight 8 класс. Страница 10 Breaking the Ice перевод текста

The new girl in your class seems very interesting and you would like to get to know her better. The guy at the skate park does some amazing tricks and you would like him to show you how. But, whenever the opportunity to talk to them comes up, you can’t think of anything to say. Your palms sweat, you blush, and you look away. Читать далее

Marie Curie

Shashukov6_ris2Marie Curie Текст из учебника Spotlight 8 класс 3D Vocabulary and speaking

  1. Who’s the woman in the picture? What do you know about her? Think of three questions you would like to ask about her. Read and see if you can answer them. Explain the words in bold. — Кто эта  женщина на картинке? Что вы о ней знаете, Придумайте 3 вопроса, которые хотели задать о ней. Прочитайте и посмотрите, можете ли вы на них ответить. Объясните выделенные слова

Marie Curie was born Maria Sklodowski in Warsaw, Poland in 1867. She was the youngest of five children.He parents worked as teachers and they brought her up to love learning. Her mother died in 1877. Manya, as they called her, and her sisters had to get jobs. Читать далее

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