Диалог про Санкт Петербург на английском

Диалог про Санкт Петербург на английскомДиалог про Санкт Петербург на английском.

1.John: Hello Mary. How are you?

2.Mary: Hi John. I’m fine.  I have just returned from my trip to Russia.

3.John: Really? Where did you go in Russia?

4.Mary: My parents and I visited the most cultural city in Russia, Saint Petersburg.

5.John: How did you like it?

6.Mary: Oh, I loved it. We visited museums and churches. We lived in the most beautiful hotel called «Pulkovskaya».

7.John: It’s very interesting. Could you tell me about the places you’ve seen there. I heard there is a famous fortress there.

8.Mary: On the first day we visited the Peter and Paul Fortress on a small Hare Island. It’s very old. It was founded in 1703. It is situated on the widest place on the Neva river. A cannon fires every single day from its walls announcing that it is midday. There are a lot to see in the fortress. In the fortress there is Peter and Paul Cathedral, which houses the royal tomb.

9.John: That’s unbelievable! I wish I could go and see it one day! And what did you see the next day?

10.Mary: next day we visited another gorgeous place. It was the Hermitage.

11.John: Oh, I’ve heard about it. The Hermitage is the world’s largest museum, founded by Catherine II.

12.Mary: Right. I was struck by a beautiful grand staircase which was festive and elegant. The staircase is made of white French marble and decorated with stucco, covered with gold paint and crystal. We saw lots of very beautiful paintings and sculptures. I was amazed by the exhibition of ancient Egyptian culture, where various stone sculptures , sarcophagi, paintings on papyrus and ancient letters were presented.

13.John: There is another thing I remember about the Hermitage. The hall that connects the one building of the museum with another one is very interesting. And the walls, the ceiling and the floor are decorated with images of biblical characters, and the drawings in this corridor would not repeat themselves.

14.Mary: Yes, it is correct. I’ve been there too. You can spend a few days there, because the museum admittance let you go to several places for one price.

15.John: I now that the admission is more expensive for foreign tourists than for the Russians.

16. Mary: Yes. We had to pay a little more than Russian people. After the Hermitage, we went to the Zoological Museum, it is one of the largest in the world.

17. John: I bet you saw a T-Rex there.

18. Mary: There were various animals, birds, fish from around the world. There also was Dima, a baby mammoth that is the very first baby mammoth found in Russia;

20. John: A baby mammoth? How interesting! Were there big mammoths?

21. Mary: Yes, there also was a large mammoth who had no trunk, as the trunk was thawed first and chewed by the dogs that were supposed to protect it.

22.John: Were there any birds in the museum?

23.Mary: We saw the penguin group that can jump, the emperor penguin and the huge egg of a large bird.

24. John: What about fish and sea animals? Were they presented too?

25.Mary. Of course. There was the shark group, a turtle with its baby turtles, the snake group, a blue crab that is up to one meter long;

26.John: And how did you spend your last day in Saint-Petersburg?

27. Mary: The last day of our trip to St. Petersburg began with a visit to a Lions Bridge which crosses the Griboedov Canal not far from the Mariinsky Theatre. It is a single-span suspension bridge and has an innovative design that hides the bridge’s supports in the bodies of four beautiful cast-iron lions.

28. John: Did you have a sightseeing tour on the Griboedov Canal?

29. Mary: No, unfortunately, we didn’t have time for it. We spent all day in the Russian Museum. There were a lot of famous paintings, such as The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Bryullov. We didn’t have much time to see everything, so I think we have to come back to Saint Petersburg next year. I have to go now. Take care.

30. John: Thank you for sharing. That was an amazing story! I hope I will visit Russia one day. Good -bye!


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