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One day we had to run

Forward English 7 класс с . 36

One day we had to run

One day we had to runThis is the story of Chol Paul Guet, 14, from Sudan in Africa. To save his life, he set off on a journey of 1,242 miles – on foot. That’s the same distance as walking from London to Rome. Читать далее

Nicholas Miklouho — Maclay перевод текста

Nicholas Miklouho - Maclay перевод текстаNicholas Miklouho — Maclay перевод текста. Текст из учебника Forward English 7 класс с 23.

On 25 October , 1996, a bust of Nicholas Miklouho — Maclay was unveiled on Science Road in the University of Sydney to commemorate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of his birth. A Russian explorer, he became a prominent figure of nineteenth-century Australian science. Maclay was the first scientist to settle among and study people who had never seen a white man. Australia became his adopted country and Sydney the home town of his family. Читать далее

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activitiesExtracurricular activities — Текст и перевод из учебника Forward English  7 класс №18,  стр. 9 из раздела ‘letters from our readers’  — письма наших читателей. Читать далее

New Millennium English 7 класс ГДЗ

New Millennium English 7 класс ГДЗNew Millennium English 7 класс ГДЗ — готовые домашние задания для учебника New Millennium English  для 7 класса

В данном материале для скачивания вы найдете ответы на задания из рабочей тетради.  Если какого- нибудь задания не окажется —  напишите в комментариях и мы  его выложим.  Читать далее

I was kicked out of the team

I was kicked out of the team«Меня выгнали из команды» -» I was kicked out of the team » — текст из учебника New Millennium English для 7 класса. Lesson 4. Стр. 26  Football mania

I was seven when I first kicked football around with my brother. Most of my friends were boys and I just enjoyed playing with them. I loved football so much that I went to the park every Saturday to watch play in real games. Then one day they asked me to play too. Читать далее

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