Перевод текстов spotlight in Russia 8 класс Food and shopping

Перевод текстов spotlight in Russia 8 класс Food and shoppingПеревод текстов spotlight in Russia 8 класс Food and shoppingFood & Shopping

What are Russian restaurants like? What sort of food do Russians eat? 
Spotlight on Russia goes behind the scenes in a Russian Restaurant and finds out about Russian cuisine from a top chef.  Читать далее

Перевод текстов spotlight Russia 8 класс

Перевод текстов spotlight Russia 8 классПеревод текстов spotlight Russia 8 класс

When Visiting Someone’s Home

If you are invited to someone’s house for dinner or for a visit, you should remember to take a gift with you. This can be a cake, a box of chocolates or sweets, a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine. If there is a small child in the family, you should also buy him or her a small gift. If you decide to take flowers, give an uneven number. Читать далее

Breaking the Ice перевод текста

Breaking the Ice перевод текстаТекст, аудио и перевод учебника Spotlight 8 класс. Страница 10 Breaking the Ice перевод текста

The new girl in your class seems very interesting and you would like to get to know her better. The guy at the skate park does some amazing tricks and you would like him to show you how. But, whenever the opportunity to talk to them comes up, you can’t think of anything to say. Your palms sweat, you blush, and you look away. Читать далее

One day we had to run

Forward English 7 класс с . 36

One day we had to run

One day we had to runThis is the story of Chol Paul Guet, 14, from Sudan in Africa. To save his life, he set off on a journey of 1,242 miles – on foot. That’s the same distance as walking from London to Rome. Читать далее

Past Simple или Past Continuous

Past Simple или Past ContinuousЗадание из учебника New Millennium English 6 класс. Стр. 9. Раскрой скобки. Используй Past Simple или Past Continuous.

Two days ago we (come) came back home after our trip. — Два дня назад мы приехали домой  с нашей поездки. (Раз 2 дня назад — значит прошедшее время. Continuous сюда не подходит, так как это было не во время, как они приезжали (период во времени). Читать далее

Bolton Middle school

Bolton Middle schoolBolton Middle school — аудио с текстом из учебника Spotlight  6 класс, стр. 56-57. В данной статье есть и перевод текста
Читать далее

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activitiesExtracurricular activities — Текст и перевод из учебника Forward English  7 класс №18,  стр. 9 из раздела ‘letters from our readers’  — письма наших читателей. Читать далее

At the chair of infectious diseases

at the chair of infectious diseasesAt the chair of infectious diseases

Day by day George and his fellow students acquire more knowledge of medicine.  In the third year they had classes in Therapy and Surgery; in the fourth year they had their classes in Obstetrics. Читать далее

Native Americans

golovnoj-ubor-indejcevПродолжаем читать и переводить тексты об Америке до Колумба. Мы поговорим о том, кто жил в Америке до Колумба и о их традициях, обычаях, культуре и быте.

Scientists suppose that….

…..the America that greeted the first Europeans was not absolutely wild;

… there were from 2 to 18 mln people on the territory of the USA;

…the population of the Native  Americans had decreased because of different diseases, brought by Europeans; Читать далее

My day — Мой день

my dayЧасто детям в начальной школе задают написать сочинение на английском языке про свой распорядок дня. Я приведу пример такого сочинения с полным его разбором. Читать далее

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