Who does what перевод текста

Who does what перевод текстаWho does what  перевод текста. Текст для обобщения грамматических правил have got — у кого-то что — то есть (имеется), глагола — связки to be (am, are, is), изменения глагола в настоящем простом времени Present Simple (V, V-s, don’t V, ), употребление предлогов on, at, for.

I’ve got a dog. Her name is Asya. She is big. I get up  at seven o’clock. Asya gets up  at 9 o’clock and has breakfast. I don’t take her for a walk in the morning. My brother does it.

I come home at 1 o’clock. My dog meets me at the door. She barks and gives me a paw. I hug and stroke her.

I have lunch at 1.30 (one-thirty), and Asya sits and looks at me. She usually eats  special dog food. Mum cooks it for her. Читать далее

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