Мексиканская культура. Ацтеки

Мексиканская культура.  Ацтеки


Мексиканская культура.  Ацтеки

The Aztecs lived in Mexico about seven hundred years ago. Their biggest city was Tenochtitlan. Houses were made of wood. Palaces and temples were made of stone. Around the city the Aztecs had farms and planted fruit and vegetables. They used tools to help them. They hunted and fished, too.

Aztec children learnt at home until they were fourteen years old. Then they started school. At school boys learnt to read and write. They didn’t write words. They used pictures. The pictures were called hieroglyphics. Girls learnt how to cook and sew. They also learnt how to look after children. The Aztecs loved games. They played a ball game on a special sports field. They liked songs and plays too. Читать далее

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