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Robot Technology перевод текста

Robot Technology перевод текстаRobot Technology перевод текста из учебника Spotlight  9 класс, Spotlight on Russia, страница 6 (в конце учебника).

Do you know Russia is one of the world leaders in developing new robot technology? Spotlight on Russia takes a closer look at robot technology and the latest achievements  being made by Russian companies. — Вы знаете что Россия  -одна из ведущих мировых лидеров в разработке новых роботизированных технологий? Россия в фокусе ближе взглянет на роботехнологии и последние достижения российских компаний.  Читать далее

The Russian Village of Shuvalovka перевод текста

The Russian Village of Shuvalovka перевод текста The Russian Village of Shuvalovka перевод текста из учебника Spotlight 9 класс, Spotlight on Russia страница 4 (в конце учебника).

We all know what it is like to live in modern homes and enjoy a peaceful neighbourhood, but what was life like hundred of years ago for villagers in northern Russia? Spotlight on Russia takes a look at life in…  — Мы все знаем каково жить в современных домах и наслаждаться мирным районом, но какова была жизнь сотни лет назад для жителей деревни в северной России? Россия в фокусе направляет взгляд на жизнь в…

The Russian Village of Shuvalovka Читать далее

Tatiana’s Day перевод текста

Tatiana’s Day перевод текстаTatiana’s Day перевод текста из учебника Spotlight 9 класс Spotlight on Russia, Special Days, страница 3

Tatiana’s Day
Every year on 25th January, students, teachers and professors celebrate Tatiana’s Day. This holiday celebrates Saint Tatiana, the patron saint of students. Schools and universities all over Russia celebrate it with various events. In many schools former students come to talk to the school children about their university studies. The best students receive awards and in some cities, such as Nizhniy Novgorod, citizens choose the best Tatiana from all the students of the city. Some communities have begun using the day to put on plays and performances for families and neighbours in their area. In the evening, people dance in the street or let off fireworks. Читать далее

Remembrance Day перевод текста

Remembrance Day перевод текстаRemembrance Day перевод текста из учебника Spotlight 9 класс страница 23.
The meaning of the Remembrance Day
Every year during the week before 11 November, people all over Britain wear a little red paper poppy. They do this to commemorate Remembrance Day, or Poppy Day, which takes place each year on 11 November to remember the millions who died for their country. Poppy Day is on this date because World War I ended in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. Читать далее

Pow wow перевод текста

Pow wow перевод текстаPow wow перевод текста  из учебника Spotlight 9 класс, страница 21.

Pow-wow. The Gathering of nations.

Every year the colours and musical rhymes of native American culture come alive  at pow-wows all over America. The Albuquerque Pow-Wow in New Mexico in North America’s biggest and most spectacular celebration of the Indian way of life. More than 3,000 dancers represent over 500 different Indian tribes from the USA and Canada at the pow-wow. Читать далее

Перевод текста Hogmanay

Перевод текста HogmanayПеревод текста Hogmanay из учебника Spotlight 9 класс Writing skills стр. 18

In Scotland, the new year’s Eve celebration is called Hogmanay which means ‘new morning’ in Celtic. It is surely the most exciting celebration of the year.

Preparations for the celebrations start early on December 31st. People clean their houses and throw out old unwanted things. They also bake special shortbread biscuit and rich fruit cake called ‘Black Bun’,to share with family and friends on the big day. Читать далее

Inspiring people

Inspiring peopleТекст Inspiring people — Вдохновляющие люди, учебник Spotlight 9 класс Spotlight on Russia с 9. Рассказ про Ирину Слуцкую.

Irina Slutskaya won many awards and championships in figure skating, but it was her strenth and determination in life that made her a true champion. Читать далее


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